oh what a day

(late post)

i was probably with these two 
for most of the day. 
and i still didn't get tired of them. haha.

finally handled some of things on my TO DO list.. if only i could be this productive everyday. haha. spent cash that i shouldn't have. picked up some goodies at my favorite thrift store. i couldn't help myself. at least i didn't go crazy at the mall and spend money there. i'm proud of myself. FINALLY tried tutti fruity in fremont.  i love melon mochis with lychee and mango tart yogurt. haha.

and headed home. 

i guess monday was not a day to stay home. as soon as we got home me and shorteey decided to meet up again and eventually met up with jenn too. walmart run since it was hella late already and no where else to go. and chit chatted in the parking lot til it was time to go home. 

basically that was a quick summary.
the end.

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  1. pretty much did spend all day together hahahha. no forreal and we met up after too haha