the time has arrived.. and yes it is my birthday again. 
just in case anyone would like to make me smile a little. 

NOTE: no more ipod minis they do not work! 
  • macbook clear cover and screen cleaner 
  • a box of raspberries
  • a feast at boiling crab
  • giftcards to the specifics: Michaels, Thrifttown, Urban, SEPHORA.
  • a supply of black sheer stockings.. because i always get the runs.
  • triple/double finger name ring..i STILL want it.
  • 500 days of summer.. THE POSTERRRR..  =) i love love love that movie.

and a few of these things..

silence & noise jumper

kimchi blue floral buster jumper

canvas fringe lace up

tikirani valencienne vest

pin up girl style swimsuit. 

sequins skirt

mini sewing machine

lace off the shoulder shirt 

MAC pre + prime transparent finishing powder

crackinn ass GIVENCHY mascara

dimepiece AIN'T NO WIFEY tee

sequins leggings

studio fix fluid NC40

Mineralize Skin Finishing Powder - Medium Plus

tube bras: any colors and prints

thigh high socks

sheer stirups

sheer stockings with back seam

nylon spandex onepiece

high waist leggings: any color

lace bra

acid wash denim shorts

cotton spandex micro mesh

for now


for the ladies

this goes out to jenn especially.



let me be. 

because i am.

softball wednesdays

lately me and jenn go across the bridge to watch our friends play softball.. but we can never figure out who is winning because we always get distracted with our photo session. haha.

tonight was suppose to consist of movie night with the dick crew... but yall catted. JKKK! everyone jus got busy and bad timingggg. tomorrow its onnnn.. 

p.s. i am never tryin anything new at olive garden again! worse meal ever. but yes thanks to CErockkk for paying. 



i've always loved degassi.. way before jimmy was on a wheelchair and way before became the famous drake.. but our crazy cable where we had 900 plus channels got cut off..so had to say goodbye to the NOG channel.. 

but damnnnnn it's back.. 

who knew? degrassi on MTV though? can't wait.. premiers tomorrow at 8pm.. if i heard right.. def going to be home for that!


new to the family

my new loves. 
go with everything and anything. 

sold clothes the other day but ended up using what i made to grab these.
all worth it.

happy birthday eeks

late post. 
but just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 to my beautiful cousin ikka. 
loves ya no nose. haha. 


please me

ohh man.. who knew..? this would be off the hook. birthday is cominggg soon too! hahah. i love love love dippin dots. someone make me happy.. i prefer banana split flavor tho! yummmmmm.


do for love

i've been waiting for the art & soul festival to return.. and here it is. i hella wanna go this year.. didn't even get to hit up lake fest this year. i wanna be able to see Bobby Caldwell... this white boy is hella crackin who knew?

one of myyyy favorite songs tho..

we'll see how tomorrow plays out.
suppose to see time travelers wife with a couple of the girls and hit up boiling crab. 
def needed have a good end to my weekend before school starts.



The Perseid Meteor Shower.

didn't see noooooooothing! well maybe that's our bad for going hella early.. but still we waited past 12am to see if we can catch anything.. and I saw a few stars that shot across the sky... but def no shower.. even when i got home i stepped outside to see if i can catch anything.. and what? still NOTHING.. rumor has it.. that there should be a shower tonight as well? we'll see... hopefully more than just a bit of sprinkles this time.. 

in the mean time..

 my love glass is half full..ehh maybe not even. hahaaa.


good good night

my summer has been pretty eventful... if i really stop and think about it.. it's been a crackin ass summer.  VEGAS was def a great start to my summer.. met and got close to some great people as well as rekindling old friendships, learned and tried new things and this last week of vacay before i start going to school has been going good so far.. 

although i could not stand this song before.. it seems to fit my mood.. for the last couple of days at least. haha

school is coming close.. but i can't complain.. this time around i'm pretty excited.. i've finally decided i'm going to do what makes me happy and what i've always been into..FASHION babbbby. thanks sis for motivating me back into my groove.. it was really because of you BISH..

soo many things to look forward too. so excited. i feel good good. 

more to come.
to be continued for now. 

COUNTDOWN begins. one month til my birthdayyyyy.

ohh baby

we've been away from each other too long. 
ahah. the only way i will touch sashimi. 
i swear the BEST roll EVERRRRR.
FAILING to go to the gym once again with my girl jenn.. 
instead we decided to please our stomachs and grab a TITANIC roll. yum yum.


so far

pictures in no particular order.. just cleaning out a few pictures on my NEW CAMERA.. thanks SHORT. love ya brotherrrr.. but wanted to post a quick entry since i haven't been on this for awhile. been busy tryna enjoy the last days of summer as much as i can..