good good night

my summer has been pretty eventful... if i really stop and think about it.. it's been a crackin ass summer.  VEGAS was def a great start to my summer.. met and got close to some great people as well as rekindling old friendships, learned and tried new things and this last week of vacay before i start going to school has been going good so far.. 

although i could not stand this song before.. it seems to fit my mood.. for the last couple of days at least. haha

school is coming close.. but i can't complain.. this time around i'm pretty excited.. i've finally decided i'm going to do what makes me happy and what i've always been into..FASHION babbbby. thanks sis for motivating me back into my groove.. it was really because of you BISH..

soo many things to look forward too. so excited. i feel good good. 

more to come.
to be continued for now. 

COUNTDOWN begins. one month til my birthdayyyyy.

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