oh tone

soo i stubbled upon a youtube video.. and saw a friend of mine..

hah. oh goodness. words can't even describe.

this sunday

my plans are to head here.  
tryna to find events or things to do for FREE..
and here's one!
i'm pretty juiced.. looks pretty sick.



just chillin with shiirrrday. hhaahha brother shorteey that is. i swear, what would my summer days be without you?! sad and lonely.  and yes i do love yaaa brotherr! 

although we always make our days super crackkiinn..we need to start finding more eventful things to do with our days.  these lonnnnnng drives to who knows where and photobooth funnzies are gettin old. haha. 

new new news? 

FINALLY watched 500 days of summer. 
loved loved LOVED the movie. def worth the wait. so cuteee. i

cashed out and sold a handful of clothes.. 
i swear buffalo exchange be hating. buy my shiiittt now. i need paper in my pockets not pennies. at least crossroads always shows me love... i needa start hittin up Wasteland. 

all and all.
my summer days are countin down and school is just around the corner.

for your entertainment.  10million PLUS views!!



canon camera. i will miss you baby.




addicted? i think i am. ahh i can't stop thrifting.  but ahh i couldn't help it. i had to show SHORTEEY thrifttown in san leandro. oh man, did we do damage there or what? YES.  we were there for hella longgggggg. but def found some goodies of course.  my eyes were spotting goodies here and there.  i found more stuff for shorteey than for myself. hahah.  and shorteey got some extra stamps on his stamp card because the girl at the register was feelin him.. oh mahh bad! hahah.

didn't get to hit up Berkeley to sell my clothes again. FAIL. it's okae turned my resume in at Rasputin. they were really nice. hopefully that turns out well. 

another good day of course. 

i love thrifting with shorteey! hahah. oh brother sister outtings. holler.


happy birthday kuya

happy birthday kuya.
today is your day.

i've beatin' the snooze button. finally got up and enjoyed the day.  no damn sun in daly city tho.  i am NOT excited for school to start. one thing i don't like bout goen to SFSU.. the weather can get beyond whack.  so my attire is never on point because it can be so hot in the eastbay and by the time im driving past SFO it's freezing. yes. hella annoying.


had lunch with mama and brother at Banana Island..thai food. hella good. our eyes were def more hungry than our stomachs because we ordered more food than we could handle.  too bad dad wasn't there he always finishes everything. and i mean EVERYTHING..even the vegetable decorations they use. haha

mom wanted some tapioca so my brother took us to the spot called Eggettes. oh man. hella crackin.  cute little hole in the wall spot.  i've been on this whole green tea tip..so i ordered peach green tea. ohhh man words could not explain how good it was. they even had chopped peaches in it.. soo GOODD!! hella cute tho, if you want extra pearls or something you say "egg-stra".. hahah get it? they had this waffle type dessert which is probably what they're most known for..again soo good.. 

they loved it too.

brother showed us some local thrift shops.. ahh again hurtin my wallet. found more goodies. i don't normally say this but FML FML. haha i couldn't help myself again. ended the day making videos on photobooth with brother and mama trying to convince my dad we went to hawaii and paris hahaha. he's pretty gullible.

another good day. 
again happy birthday kuya.

MJ Partayyyy for my brother's birthday celebration,  here we come.


oh what a day

(late post)

i was probably with these two 
for most of the day. 
and i still didn't get tired of them. haha.

finally handled some of things on my TO DO list.. if only i could be this productive everyday. haha. spent cash that i shouldn't have. picked up some goodies at my favorite thrift store. i couldn't help myself. at least i didn't go crazy at the mall and spend money there. i'm proud of myself. FINALLY tried tutti fruity in fremont.  i love melon mochis with lychee and mango tart yogurt. haha.

and headed home. 

i guess monday was not a day to stay home. as soon as we got home me and shorteey decided to meet up again and eventually met up with jenn too. walmart run since it was hella late already and no where else to go. and chit chatted in the parking lot til it was time to go home. 

basically that was a quick summary.
the end.


pretty wings

this was on repeat the whole day.

feelin this song.

i can't find my camera i'll update about 
my long fun day tomorrow.
i needa wake up early, let's hope 
i don't press snooze again.


snooze you lose

this homebody shit aint cuttin it. i needa stop pressin snooze and wake up and enjoy this glorious sun.  i'm wasting my summer days wrapped in my blanket.

i had things to do today and one after another i just marked em off the list for another day.
sorry mom i was suppose to drive you this morning, sorry sis i'll see you wednesday. hahah.

hopefully i still see shorteey and jenn today. ahh.

okae okae okae i'm up.



quick post.

i had a good start to my weekend but dammnnn..

joy and pain. scratch the joy. im full of pain right now. 
i swear this grandma status is kickin in more than usual.

fuck the cane. i need more of a grip. give me my walker.

preferably this one. haha. with the tennis balls at the bottom and everything 
maybe i can eventually upgrade to the ones with the baskets in the middle.


de la soul

oh if only.

i love the sounds of de la soul. that old school hip hop feel.. 
they're going to show their presence at the filmore next thursday.  

it's a pretty cool venue. 
one of my first shows i've ever been to was 
at the filmore so i'll forever love that spot.  

here's one of their songs from their recent album 
that i cant stop listenin to..

someone join me?

shorty, say what's your price

ahhh found it!

so i tend to randomly think of songs that i forget the titles to.. and sing the lyrics and attempt to hum the beat to my friends.. but no one can ever make out what im trying to sing.. because usually the lyrics i say are wrong.. but i always end up finding it.. someway somehow.. hahha

well heres the mystery song of the day..

hella thought the lyrics were.. "shorty say what you like".. kinda close.. eh whatever.
but i knew it was by NAS.. hahah.. im gettin better!


grizzly men

during this hot hot heat..

grizzly men.. still lookin oh so beautiful.
ohhh boy..why do you gotta look so good tho?

i canNOT wait for 500 days of summer. 

the new new.

i gave in.

blahhh, im full of nonsense anyways..might as well get this jibberish down right?
i guess i couldn't help myself.
let's see how long i can keep this going.

the end.