saucy bossy

medicine for melancholy

i've been on the indie film tip lately.

i am in search for this movie online. i cannot find it!! i want to watch it now now now NOW.


mama likes

ohh wee. gimme. who can ever leave the house without some gold?


open relationships?

mann, i could never. good film.


def poetry jam

needs to take it's way to the bay area. i would def be the first one to cop some tickets. 

badu is so sick. i love this woman. 

i guess love is cute. 

eventually, maybe.

i fantasize about you. 


accompany me?

late entry

last week i got to experience being involved with Macy's Passport in San Francisco as one of their volunteers.  oh how i wish i did  LA's show.. i know that show was sickk.. broke a sweat and met some great people.  so much fun. i even got to do it with my friends: vee money and shorteey.  the first day with short was so much fun tho, we felt hella bossy walkin in our black on black attire. hahaha. we hella ran that shit the first day.  we were lucky to watch the shows both nights.. amazing! i loved Rachel Roy's line and the models were just beautiful..wish i took more pictures though..


rachel zoe

super super cute. let me be your assistant fire your girl taylor. hire me!


busy busy busy

been pretty busy lately. hardly get to post anything even when i want or mean toooooo..

enjoying myself at the moment.

happy? yes i am.


the cutest

the queen bee herself...
miss Blair Waldorf 
and Chuck Bass.

i love lovee lovee gossip girl, def one of my favorite shows.
and i absolutely love blair and chuck together.
they make the show exciting.
finally the show is back in action. 
holler new show times: MONDAY @ 9PM.



he strikes again..

ohhh myyy. halloween is just around the corner.

thank you thank you times a million more

i had theeee best best BEST birthday ever.

from the countdown to my birthday DAY.. and the topping of it all my surprise party..  this was truly one of the best birthdays ever.  i lovedd all the birthday greets and messages. THANK YOUUU.

thank you to everyone who showed up to my weekend festivities and celebrated with me. it was soo funnn.  and to my wonderful friends who made this possible. i really appreciate everything AND EVERYTHING you've done this weekend.  i cant tell you how much this meant to me.. but thank you thank you a million times more..

everryything was all worth it.. even my crankiness. 

pictureeeeees up soon!! 



pro nails

i miss gettin my nails dipped out and shit. i have not stepped into the nail game in heyyyyllahh long.  this used to be my thannggg. gettin full sets with airbrush or gettin the solid paint job and playin artsy fartsy at home. damn. i still have my airbrush kit and utensils tucked away.. waiting for me. maybe this interview tomorrow will turn out and i can finally get glossy and saucy.