happy birthday kuya

happy birthday kuya.
today is your day.

i've beatin' the snooze button. finally got up and enjoyed the day.  no damn sun in daly city tho.  i am NOT excited for school to start. one thing i don't like bout goen to SFSU.. the weather can get beyond whack.  so my attire is never on point because it can be so hot in the eastbay and by the time im driving past SFO it's freezing. yes. hella annoying.


had lunch with mama and brother at Banana Island..thai food. hella good. our eyes were def more hungry than our stomachs because we ordered more food than we could handle.  too bad dad wasn't there he always finishes everything. and i mean EVERYTHING..even the vegetable decorations they use. haha

mom wanted some tapioca so my brother took us to the spot called Eggettes. oh man. hella crackin.  cute little hole in the wall spot.  i've been on this whole green tea tip..so i ordered peach green tea. ohhh man words could not explain how good it was. they even had chopped peaches in it.. soo GOODD!! hella cute tho, if you want extra pearls or something you say "egg-stra".. hahah get it? they had this waffle type dessert which is probably what they're most known for..again soo good.. 

they loved it too.

brother showed us some local thrift shops.. ahh again hurtin my wallet. found more goodies. i don't normally say this but FML FML. haha i couldn't help myself again. ended the day making videos on photobooth with brother and mama trying to convince my dad we went to hawaii and paris hahaha. he's pretty gullible.

another good day. 
again happy birthday kuya.

MJ Partayyyy for my brother's birthday celebration,  here we come.

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