just chillin with shiirrrday. hhaahha brother shorteey that is. i swear, what would my summer days be without you?! sad and lonely.  and yes i do love yaaa brotherr! 

although we always make our days super crackkiinn..we need to start finding more eventful things to do with our days.  these lonnnnnng drives to who knows where and photobooth funnzies are gettin old. haha. 

new new news? 

FINALLY watched 500 days of summer. 
loved loved LOVED the movie. def worth the wait. so cuteee. i

cashed out and sold a handful of clothes.. 
i swear buffalo exchange be hating. buy my shiiittt now. i need paper in my pockets not pennies. at least crossroads always shows me love... i needa start hittin up Wasteland. 

all and all.
my summer days are countin down and school is just around the corner.

for your entertainment.  10million PLUS views!!

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  1. omg hahahah.. the first two guys were the best when they threw all those brochures haha.. my only concern is why they played chris brown. hahah and i thought the bride was about to do something crazy hahah. i posted on fb thanks its funny