addicted? i think i am. ahh i can't stop thrifting.  but ahh i couldn't help it. i had to show SHORTEEY thrifttown in san leandro. oh man, did we do damage there or what? YES.  we were there for hella longgggggg. but def found some goodies of course.  my eyes were spotting goodies here and there.  i found more stuff for shorteey than for myself. hahah.  and shorteey got some extra stamps on his stamp card because the girl at the register was feelin him.. oh mahh bad! hahah.

didn't get to hit up Berkeley to sell my clothes again. FAIL. it's okae turned my resume in at Rasputin. they were really nice. hopefully that turns out well. 

another good day of course. 

i love thrifting with shorteey! hahah. oh brother sister outtings. holler.

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